Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First Stop, Nazareth PA December 3, 2014

I'm sitting here in my hotel room in Wind Gap, PA (they don't call it Wind Gap for nothing. It's blowing a freezing wind out there!) having three string cheese thingys and some low fat wheat thins for dinner.  I feel as though I might possibly never get warm again...but that's okay, it's all worth it because tonight was a GREAT kickoff to the tour!

This was my fourth year performing at Jason Reph's display in Nazareth, PA, and now I feel like he and his parents are old friends.  Jason's display is just gorgeous and fun and full of special childlike touches like the trains and spread out over his family's HUGE front and side yards.  This year he had a new addition:  you could see Santa in the window over the front door, moving around inside and, I suppose, making his list of who is naughty and nice.

There was one family that came tonight that has been to my concerts there before and their Mom tells me they are Judy Pancoast fanatics. I guess it must be true because the two girls and their brother did a choreographed dance to the original version of The House on Christmas Street that was just terrific. What fun it was for me to see that they had actually taken pleasure in listening to my song over and over to create the moves, and what fun they had doing it.  They made me a "House on Christmas Street World Tour" button which I pinned to my scarf and promised them I would wear throughout the tour. So a big shout out tonight to Becka and her husband Kevin and the kids.  You really made it a wonderful start to the tour for me!

And thanks, of course, to Jason and his Mom and Dad who go all out to give the visitors hot chocolate and homemade cookies and toys every year.  I hope we raised a lot for the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation.

Singing for great audiences is always fun no matter what the weather conditions, but after the crowds have gone and it's time to pack up? That's when I start to really feel the cold and start thinking "I'm getting too old for this!"  It was 42 out there- positively balmy by New England winter standards- but the wind was biting and once again my fingers froze while I was signing autographs. Still, I wouldn't trade this night for a month of 75 degree summer days. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and made it a wonderful night ...and remember Santa (yes, he was there...he arrived on a fire truck!) I still want that new van under the tree.....

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