Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 11th

Phew! What a day! Boy am I glad to be all checked into my motel and in my PJs. IT took me 12 hours to get from Bloomington, IL to North Platte, NE tonight, and that's with several stops along the way. I'm exhausted, but I don't want to get behind on the blog so I wanted to check in before I hit the hay.

I want to thank the wonderful Dicken family for another great time at their house last night. It was my second time visiting their display in Hudson, IL.  Bobby Dicken had a stage and his deejay sound system set up so I didn't need to set up mine, which was really nice.  Bobby even had chairs and bleachers set up for the audience! The local Mother's Club served hot chocolate and Santa and Mrs. Claus were there, too! The audience filled up the collection box for Toys for Tots which was great for me to see.
Here's a picture of me with Bobby:

It was pretty cold out last night and I could see that some folks in the audience were bundling up against the cold, but I really want to thank everyone who came out and endured the brisk weather to dance and sing with me. Of course, the standout was little six-year old Olivia who came in her festive red pants and who I could see dancing from the stage.  She came up to sing "Frosty the Snowman" and she came up with some really interesting lyrics that the audience loved. What a little doll.  After the show she came over to get her free CD and she was so funny...she kept saying over and over again, "I'm a rock star!" HAHAHA!!

During "Santa Whatcha Got" I asked if there was a couple in the audience who could come up and swing dance and to my delight there was ! They were wonderful!  And another great thing was that the couple who got engaged at my show there two years ago came over to say "hi," and they've now been happily married for over a year. That's the one and only time anyone's ever gotten engaged at one of my concerts (as far as I know!) so I was touched that they made the effort to come out to the show last night and say hello and tell me how they're doing.

In all, I think a good time was had by all. I know I had a wonderful time. And many thanks for the Hudson Lions Club for giving me a generous donation to help with the tour. I really appreciate it.


Tomorrow it's on to Casper, WY and
“Christmas in Wyoming”
3148 Whispering Springs Road
Casper Wyoming 82604.
Their charity is Joshuas Storehouse… a local food bank and I hope we raise a lot of money and donations for them. 
It's only about a six and a half hour drive, and I go back in time another hour so I would get to sleep in, except I have to get up early and call Santa Claus at six am for my radio job.  So I'd better get to sleep!!
In closing, I'd just like to say that watching TV in all these hotel/motel rooms really validates what I thought all along....we aren't missing anything by just having basic cable at home.
Nitey nite!

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