Monday, December 15, 2014

December 14th: Boise, ID

Tyson Schmidt is an old Christmas decorating friend...well, when I say "old" I mean I first met him when I performed at Terry Hurrle's "The Bright Side of Town" Christmas display on the first "The House on Christmas Street" tour in 2010.  He'd come up from Boise with his kids to see the show, and he came back two years later when I was there again. This year Tyson contacted me and asked me if I would do a show in Boise on the tour, but he didn't want the show at his house, he wanted it at his Church...The Journey, in Boise.  He described The Journey as being a church for the "spiritually curious" and that sounded good to me, being a person who always has a lot of questions on the journey of faith, so I said "yes!" 

The concert benefitted the Women and Children's Alliance of Boise, and they were able to get a hotel room donated at a very nice hotel in town.  I was absolutely thrilled when I checked in! This is not the kind of hotel I stay in when I'm paying the bill, so I want to that The Grove Hotel in Boise for donating the room and say that I'm very grateful.

I had a chance to rest a little bit before driving over to the hotel. Tyson said I could plug into his sound system so that took a little of the work off from my shoulders.  Tyson does a beautiful display at the church which, of course, has "Jesus and His Family in a stable on the lawn" but also "Santa Claus up on the roof."  Inside the church the Women and Children's Alliance had a table with info and I was able to thank them in person for getting the hotel room. 

I have to say,  Tyson and his wife and the folks at the church came up with a wonderful way to build upon my concert and raise money. Inside the building they held a silent auction and a raffle (what we call a "penny sale" back home, where you put your tickets in the bucket for the items you want most) with donated items. They also had Santa and Mrs. Claus, and free refreshments.  I was BLOWN AWAY when I found out today that they had raised over $1600!!!!!!! This makes me happy TO NO END.  Especially because...little known fact here...I was once one of the women who was helped by an organization in Bangor, ME similar to what the Women and Children's Alliance of Boise does. But that was in another life, before I met Philip and we began our new life together.  Still, these organizations are life savers and life changers and I know this first hand, so I'm just so happy to have been able to help out. But my concert was just the lynchpin upon which to hang the auction and raffle, which is really what made the money....along with donations.
The concert itself was a ton of fun, made better by the donated heaters that Tyson set up. I think it is safe to say that young and old had a rollicking good time dancing in the parking lot of the church.
It was a wonderful, wonderful night, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures ...maybe someone will send some to me and I'll be able to add them later.

Now it's on to Bend, Oregon to meet young Adam Bloxham, a 20 year old decorator who has been through some hardships this year but with whom I've been communicating just about daily. I'm so looking forward to meeting him, and seeing his display which was set up at a friends' house.  Hope to see you there!!!


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