Wednesday, December 19, 2012

High Country Lights, Ennice NC December 15

Hoo Boy...I'm sitting here in my hotel suite in Bloomington, IL reflecting on the tour ...and thinking that I can't believe I have to drive all the way back to Omaha after the last show on Sunday night.  Why oh why did the  van have to break down at the farthest point at which I drove it???  Monday afternoon, just as I crossed over the border into Nebraska, it suddenly just lost power and I yanked it over to the breakdown lane as the full-fledged traffic of rush hour in Omaha zoomed by me. I was really scared somebody was gonna smash into me.  I called Philip, and then I called AAA while he called my hosts in Lincoln.  While I was still on the phone with AAA Terry jumped into her truck and headed to Omaha to pick me up.  I got to the show about 45 minutes late.....

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  I still have to tell you about William Bottomley's "High Country Lights" in Ennice, NC.  I went over to William's from Pilot Mountain and, as he had promised, it was the biggest event he's thrown yet.  Like with Larry and Rachel it was the third year I've visited William's display, which is at the Glade Creek Fire Department. These folks in North Carolina have become very special to me, and William is a particular hoot because he's just a "git 'er done" kinda guy and has a great sense of humor. He called me a week or so in advance just to tell me he'd have the Chik-Fil-A cow there because he knew I'd squeal over that prospect!  And he was right!

However,  by the time the day of his show came, I'd had a heavy heart all day with the shooting incident in CT in the back of my mind, as I'm sure it was for everyone.  It was hard to think about having fun while knowing so many were suffering. But I knew that there were people and children here, in this town, who were looking forward to my performance and this would be an opportunity for them to have fun together and enjoy each other on this winter night.    This year William had arranged for a full-fledged hot meal to be served, a live radio broadcast and Santa Claus....AND the Chik-fil-a COW to make an appearance!  And I am very grateful that this year William decided to move the stage indoors! It was nice and warm and I was able to wear my fancy dress AND that cow was outrageous..dancing with the kids and everyone was having fun.  I always encourage the parents to dance with their children when I perform "Santa Whatcha Got" and on this particular night I don't know, but, I could just feel that it was extra special when they did that. I've felt that every night since then.  Like maybe the parents are really aware of how precious each possible moment with their children is, so  even if they might not have felt like dancing in the street on a cold night they got up and had fun doing it anyway.  In the case of Ennice, they were dancing like crazy inside the firehouse.

William is one of the only decorators who has been able to get "The House on Christmas Street" played on his local radio station..and that's because the most popular station around is still locally owned and they are not slave to a national company's rules and regs.  I was interviewed by the deejay who did the live broadcast and he told me that the song is in the regular holiday rotation on the station and that is terrific!  Makes me think I need to approach the "mom and pop" stations all over the country and maybe I'd have better luck.  If you are reading this and you have a locally owned radio station in your vicinity that plays Christmas music  please let me know about it!

William took some great pictures at his event and posted them in an online album here, if you want to see them:

Thank you William, my friend, for a terrific time and the chance to dance with a cow!

The next day in Anderson, Indian, I've already written about, so my next blog entry will continue th horror show that started when the van broke down on Monday, as I recounted earlier in this post. But right now I am seriously starting to fall asleep here at the computer and so much close for now.

I appreciate you reading this , your caring, and your prayers for me as I continue this journey. So far I have been to 27 states since laving on Nov. 24th!!

Good night...and more tomorrow!!

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