Sunday, November 18, 2012

Up Late

Well, I dropped the Sienna off at Grappone Toyota this evening and they are going to be looking at it in the morning.  I know for sure it needs a new timing belt, and I know it needs shocks, but beyond that who knows?  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't break the bank to get it ready for 8,000+ miles of driving on the tour.  The folks at Grappone gave me a $300 gift card to help defray the cost and they are now a "47,000 Twinkling Lights" sponsor of the tour.  Thank you Grappone!!
By the way, when I dropped it off the odometer had just rolled over 403,000 miles.  Yes, that's three zeroes on the end.
I'm up late because I've been trying to plow through and answer the 114 emails in my inbox. I've gotten through about half of them. There is so much involved in putting on this tour, and I do most of it!  My hosts are wonderful, though, and they are really out there working hard to create beautiful displays AND publicize the concert at their house.  I supplied them with posters and press releases and they do the rest. But I do have a secret weapon this year. I hired a real PR person who is helping with the publicity for the CD and the tour, and hopefully that will make a huge difference.

Speaking of the new CD, it is now available at three different places online:  my website, and CD Baby.  I'm very excited this morning to find out that I just made my first digital sale of the album on CD Baby to someone from Germany.  Hooorah!!  The CD will also be available on iTunes and many other legit digital download services very soon.  Keep looking for it!

Okay..gotta go to bed. I have a show tomorrow and preparations for the tour will continue. Thanks for reading this and for your interest in my adventures!

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