Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nazareth for Christmas

Yesterday I made the 11 hour drive to Nazareth PA, and as I was driving I though, "Wait a minute, shouldn't I be LEAVING Nazareth and trekking to Bethlehem?"

I was delighted to get here and meet my host, Jason.  It was really hard to picture Jason from his emails...but when I met him I instantly took a shine to him.  He's just a young guy, still lives at home, and what a wonderful spirit.  His display is HUGE...can't be captured in one picture, like the Zembruskis in Washington.  I can't believe he puts it all up by himself.  He's even got a train set going around in one part of the yard!

 Unfortunately, like the last two nights before, it was FREEZING cold and despite a lot of coverage in the newspapers we didn't get a very large audience.  But the ones who were there were enthusiastic, and Mrs. Reph was serving up hot chocolate to try to keep everybody warm. Still, my fingers and toes were pretty much frozen solid by the end of the last song!  It was hard to hold the pen while signing autographs. 

I am EXTREMELY grateful to the hosts and the people who have come out to see the concert on these last three nights in such cold weather.  You are hardy souls!

I keep hearing reports that there is cold weather and storms expected over the next several days which are staying with me all through the route.  But nothing will stop me!!  I was SO encouraged to wake up this morning and see that the video of "The House on Christmas Street" has over 28 thousand views already!!  With ten days left until Christmas I hope the media will sit up and take notice.  If Ellen or Good Morning America or any of them call that will be the thing that will push the song over into the mainstream.  But once Christmas comes, it's all over for another year and I'll have to start planning some new strategy for next Christmas.  Maybe climb up on a billboard and refuse to come down until every Christmas radio station in the US adds the song?

By the way, several people along the route have asked me about my husband. One old friend even asked me if I was still married!  Well, I am happy to report that Philip and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage on May 2.  And when people say, "How come your husband lets you do this?" I say, that's the thing!  We don't "let" each other do anything in our relationship!  The word "let" implies that someone else has control over you, and that's just not how we do it.  When I first got this idea we talked it over, and talked it over with Louisa (my 16 year old) too, and we all agreed that it was worth the risk of missing one Christmas season together if my efforts were to result in this song crossing over into mainstream Christmas hit-dom.  We send each other a lot of cell phone pics and talk on the phone every day.  Plus we are in a continuing battle to crush each other playing Word Twist on Facebook, so that keeps us connected too.  The last thing I want to say is that Philip is the perfect husband for me.  He has understood my hopes and dreams and goals from Day One and has always been supportive of those efforts. 

However, if someone wanted to bring him and Louisa a casserole I'm sure he wouldn't turn it down!  I know it must be hard to keep all the balls in the air back there, especially with a demanding dog, two mischievous cats and a teenage girl.  I just hope my plants aren't dying!!

On to Cleona PA tonight and Virgina tomorrow. Thanks for reading this.  It helps to know you are out there and supporting the cause!!  Watch the video today!

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