Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last night in Idaho...

It was a wild night in Idaho where I met Terry Hurrle and his family. Terry is quite an interesting man with lots of stories to tell. He asked me if I like pizza and I said, 'Pizza!! I haven't had any at all on this tour! Let's have pizza!" so off we went to Idaho pizza...and it was deee-lish, especially those Idaho twists which are like cheesy breadsticks only twisted up with the cheese. MMMmmmmmm!

With all this talk of food I guess you know why I have this girlish figure, huh?

This show was unique in that Mrs. Hurrle has a private daycare and many of her charges were there. In fact, a whole bunch of them got up and did "Schoolyard Rudolph" with me and this little kid, Cameron, conducted them. What a hoot! I loved it. And they all went crazy dancing too. It was so much fun for me!

People came from as far away as Boise, about an hour away, to see Terry's display, enjoy the goodies (I never did get one sip of my hot chocolate!) and donate to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) plus offer up non-perishables for the local senior centers.

I really enjoyed hanging around in the house with the menagerie of three little doggies (I think they were Shih tzus) and a cat. What a riot! They were all so cute and the dogs are about the same size as the cat.

I got a pretty good night's sleep over the border in Oregon, but I have to head back to Terry's because he wanted me to sign his banner but forgot to ask last night. So it's off to do that and then head into Pacific Coast Time and the Zembruski house up in Woodinville, Washington.

Watch out, cause here I come!!'s the first video I've seen posted of one of the customized versions of THOCS. The display and choreographed lights will knock you out!

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  1. All of you waiting for Judy to come I can warn you, you will have the evening of your life. It is still being debated who could talk the most Judy or myself. LOL.

    We can all hope she will do the "House on Christmas Street International Tour 2" one day.

    Terry, Joni, 3 dogs and the cat.