Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Second Evening in England

It was a day filled with laughter, although it got off to a rough start. The snow here caused many roads to be slippery and there were many accidents so we decided not to go to Stonehenge. Instead we went over to Glastonbury, which Paul and Chris said was a sort of magical, mystical area and they were right. There were lots of shops selling crystals and the like, and I absolutely fell in love with something I found in a shop window. It's a little door that you attach to the wall baseboard and it lets the fairies in and out of your house. I had to go in and look at them, and while we were in there we struck up a conversation with the proprietress, who was actually wearing pointy elf ears. I'm a woman who looks for the magic in the world...how could I not LOVE that?
Anyway, she was a lovely woman and easy to talk with, and she spoke of her son's girlfriend who was the model for her drawing of a faerie in a book that she has helped to write. She said the young woman was an actress and I might have seen her because she plays one of Bella's friends in the Twilight movies. It turns out the woman she was talking about is Anna Kendrick, the Oscar nominated actress from "Up in the Air!" and it turns out that her son is Edgar Wright, the director of "Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz" and " Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World!" Amazing. She told us about the British premieres of those movies and how she'd gotten to meet such stars and Brandon Routh (Superman!), Bill Nighy (Davey Jones from Pirates of the Carribean) and Michael Cera. She also has met Peter Jackson, the director of the "Lord of the Rings" movies. It was just a total hoot talking with her and listening to her stories. It was just a complete twist of fate that I should go into that shop and meet her. Oh yes, and she said her other son's name is Oscar, and I told her that Edgar and Oscar are the names of my hamsters and that they were named for Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde, and she said that's who her sons were named after. That was just too funny!
After that Paul and Chris took me for real English Fish and Chips and we ate so much I thought I would roll out of the restaurant. We are all so excited about the concert tomorrow. So far 243 people are confirmed to come and it's just going to be terrific! It's so nice to feel so welcome, and to have them be so excited to have me here. I intend to do a wonderful job for them tomorrow night....and no, "All I Want for Christmas is You" will NOT be on the program!
Good night!

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  1. Hi Judy!
    I heard Chuck Igo play "The House on Christmas Street" on Monday and that's how I found out you were in England. Wow! That is so cool. I'll have to dig around your site to get the backstory on that.
    You knew that Anna Kendrick was from Portland, didn't you? She graduated from Deering HS two years after Katie. Speaking of Katie, she has moved out and is sharing an apartment in Auburn. She started training on Monday, for a CS job with TD Bank. She moved to Auburn to be closer to her boyfriend.
    Will you be singing "Merry Christmas, Darling" in your show? It gives me chills whenever I hear you sing it.
    As I write this, you are most likely bringing the house down for your English audience. Best of luck the rest of the way. I'll be keeping track.
    Love, Brad