Sunday, April 26, 2009


The House on Christmas Street
Music and Lyrics by Judy Pancoast copyright 1998

Let me tell you 'bout this house, there's one in every town;
It's the one, at Christmas-time, where folks all gather 'round.
Most times of the year you'd pass by and not look back;
Oh, but in December, it'll stop you in your tracks

Cause it's got 47-thousand twinkling lights
And Santa Claus up on the roof;
Dasher and Dancer and all the other reindeer-
Rudolph's up there, too!
With a band of merry snowmen dancing on the porch
And a couple of carollers singing by the lamppost over near the front door;
Jesus and His Family in a stable on the lawn
And a choir of heavenly angels singing "Silent Night" 'til dawn.
It's where everybody meets-
It's the House on Christmas Street!

Every year, Thanksgiving Day, while we digest our turkey
The family puts up its display- you can see it from Albuquerque.
Papa says their electric bill must reach up to the sky
But Mama says the joy it brings is more than money can buy (repeat Chorus)

Every tree is all aglow
With a "Season's Greetings" banner hanging high.
It's so pretty in the snow, it's got to put a sparkle in your eye, in your eye! (repeat Chorus)

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